European Championships 2017

Organized by
Confédération Européenne de Billard
CEB Board
Tournament director


Event dates
28-04-2017 09:00 - 07-05-2017 17:00
Registration dates
03-12-2018 09:12 - 15-02-2017 23:59
Time Schedule
Simonis 300 Rapid

National federations

To avoid to have 1 player on 2 tables at the same time (in this case the player would be automatically suspended by CEB), the "collisions" in the Timetable are explained  for each competition.

Main principles are:

- it is impossible to register for 2 individual competitions which overlap

- for team competitions, only reserve players can play individual competitions which overlap

- 1 player, titular in 1 team competition can only be reserve player in a team competition which overlaps.


N°1 or N°2 in a club team 3C on small table, can only be reserve in a national team 3C.

N°1 or N°2 in a national team 3C can only be reserve player in a club team 3C on small table.

Magdeburger Landstraße 228
14770 Brandenburg

AIRPORT / TRAIN etc. to Brandenburg - Stahlpalast 
Airport Berlin approxim. 70 Km 
Taxicost to Brandenburg approxim. 100,00 € 
With Bus to Trainstation Berlin 
and then continue as follows 
Train Brandenburg a.d.H. 
Central Station With Tram, Bus or Taxi to Stahlpalast 
All players, coaches, delegates, referees and organization employees 
have after accreditation unlimited travel by tram and bus in Brandenburg.

We wish you already now a pleasant journey and a lot of success at the European Championship  2017.

Information regarding hotel reservation for the

European Championship 2017 in Brandenburg an der Havel



  1. Axxon Hotel (next to the Stahlpalast)
  • Standard single room       71,00 € (Breakfast included)
  • Standard double room     88,50 € (Breakfast included)
  • Cancelation free of charge possible until Wednesday, 05. April 2017. Later cancelation/rebooking only possible with extra charges. For the booking advanced payment via credit card or bank transfer is required.
  • Flex Tariff
  • Standard single room       91,00 € (Breakfast included)
  • Standard double room     108,50 € (Breakfast included)
  • For the booking credit card or advanced payment via bank transfer is required.
  • Contracted hotel of the CEB for the tournament staff. Remaining rooms are available for booking with the code „EM Billard 2017“.
  1. Sorat Hotel (ca. 3,6 km from the Stahlpalast)
  • Standard single room       72,00 €
  • Standard double room     81,00 €
  • Breakfast                          11,00 € per person/per day
  • Rooms are available for booking with the code „EM Billard 2017“
  1. City Hotel (ca. 5 km from the Stahlpalast )
  1. Hotel Ikarus (ca. 6 km from the Stahlpalast)
  1. Hotel Gerono (ca. 2,5 km from the Stahlpalast)
  1. Hotel am Molkenmarkt (ca. 5 km from the Stahlpalast)
  1. Casi Hostel (ca. 3 km from the Stahlpalast)


Apart from Axxon-Hotel and Sorat-Hotel we do not have made any other price-arrangements. Generally some rooms for the EC are blocked in the named hotels which you can book with code „EM Billard 2017“.


In case there should be problems with the hotel reservation, please contact Mrs. Sabrina Uhlrich (billard@a-herzog.de). For further enquiries Mrs. Uhlrich can also be reached via mobile +49-173-2057345.


This is not a hotel recommendation but simply a search aid. Please take further details from the corresponding web pages of the hotels.


We wish you a pleasant journey and lot of success at